the roadmap

TalentLayer's engineering started in July 2022, when the team shipped the first components of TalentLayer Core. Since then incremental improvements and additional features have been released each month; driven by the needs of our early integrating platforms.

  • Milestone I: Pre-Alpha

    Q3 2022
    TalentLayer Pre-Alpha launched with two core features supported; services and reviews. These features allowed marketplaces to handle job posts and reviews where payment was facilitated by a third-party escrow contract and workers were assigned to jobs directly by hirers.


    ✅ Services System V1JUL 2022
    ✅ Reviews System V1JUL 2022
    ✅ Demo DAPP V1JUL 2022


    ✅ Proof of HumanityJUL 2022


    ✅ EthereumAUG 2022

  • Milestone II: Alpha

    TalentLayer Alpha provides work platforms with all key backend components needed to operate; services and proposals, reviews, user identity, escrow, and dispute resolution. Each of these components is highly configurable to meet the needs of different platforms.

  • Alpha Release A

    Q4 2022


    ✅ Escrow System V1SEP 2022
    ✅ Kleros ArbitrationSEP 2022


    ✅ Services System V2SEP 2022
    ✅ Demo DAPP V2SEP 2022

  • Alpha Release B

    Q1 2023


    ✅ Economic System V1 OCT 2022
    ✅ Platform ID System NOV 2022
    ✅ Platform-Managed Arbitration
    🛠️ Fee SponsoringJAN 2023


    ✅ Metadata V2 OCT 2022
    ✅ Demo DAPP "Indie" V3 NOV 2022
    ✅ IPFS Data Search FEB 2023
    🕟 Refactoring demo DAPP into SDK V1MAY 2023


    ✅ Messaging V1 JAN 2023
    ✅ Lens Support FEB 2023
    ✅ ZK-Permissioned Reviews


    🕟 Polygon mainnetMAR 2023
    🕟 First marketplaces live on mainnet MAR 2023

  • Milestone III: Beta

    Q3 2023
    TalentLayer Beta adds scalability and security improvements to the protocol, in preparation for decentralization and utility token launch. Beta also includes updates to enable important features for user experience such as cross-chain association of user identity and permissioning of reputation data for improved privacy.


    🕟 Cross-Chain TalentLayer IDs


    🕟 Escrow V2
    🕟 Services System V3
    🕟 Fees & Economic System V2
    🕟 TalentLayer SDK V2


    🕟 by request

  • Milestone IV: Governance Design

    Q4 2023 estimated

    TalentLayer will closely involve the earliest marketplace partners in a process of tokenomics and governance co-creation to ensure that the protocol succeeds in it's goal of being a user-owned and governed network that represents the interests of it's members.

  • Milestone V: Decentralization

    Q1 2024 estimated

    Once TalentLayer's governance and token launches, development operations and fund management will also be decentralized according to the plan mapped out during governance co-creation. Token holders and representatives they elect will then have control over treasury and contract management; funding open-source development and growing the protocol in the decades to come.

    Why Decentralization?