building web 3
work platforms
is hard.

TalentLayer is an open protocol
and developer toolkit for building
better labor marketplaces.

build on a solid foundation

TalentLayer is the only off-the-shelf, open source, composable developer toolkit for building web3-native freelance, gig, and hiring platforms.

advanced tools
specialized for work platforms

Don’t settle for retrofitting generalized web 3 tools or spending months building your backend from scratch. Use the toolkit designed for work marketplaces.

Launch your platform fast with configurable on-chain escrow, soul-bound NFT identities, jobs and proposals, and more modular components. All open-source. All decentralized.

Focus on your platform’s iconic UX and stand-out features; let the engine for work marketplaces handle the rest.

Escrow and Dispute Resolution

Configurable escrow: from milestone-based to hourly payments. Multiple options for on-chain dispute resolution.

escrow system docs

Services & Proposals System

Rails for work posts, accepting proposals, and job pooling - sharing liquidity across integrated platforms to help more jobs get filled.

services system docs

Universal Reviews System

A lightweight user profile and review system tailored to work reputation and composable with other identity solutions.

review system docs

TalentLayer SDK

Fork-able UI elements to make it faster than ever to integrate with TalentLayer. An example DAPP to help you get started.

fork the demo dapp

the vision

The most resilient, uncensorable, and accessible systems are user-owned, decentralized, and autonomous. That’s why TalentLayer was built as a open-source low-level protocol for many applications to leverage; like SMTP for email.

Each year more and more workers find jobs on digital platforms. The "great unbundling" is happening fast - big generalized platforms are being overtaken by many niche platforms that serve their user's unique needs better. TalentLayer is empowering this next generation of marketplaces to transform the way people work.

TalentLayer harnesses the power of blockchain to allow network effects sharing - helping you bootstrap and focus on building user-friendly marketplaces that serve everyone; from crypto-native audiences to mainstream workers.

Who's Building on TalentLayer?

The biggest network of crypto job boards and talent tools for blockchain ecosystems including Polkadot, Stacks, & Avalanche.

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WorkX helps companies to remove skill gaps by measuring skills & job performance, with an open marketplace for assessments and development courses.

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A new specialty freelancing marketplace for smart contract auditors on Polygon with AI-based freelancer and work matching.

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A talent exchange platform where a percent of every transaction fee goes to a community-managed donation pool - sent to nonprofits via Giveth.

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The freelance marketplace for developers and creatives on Polygon, featuring Lens-native profiles.


Looking for inspiration for what to build on TalentLayer? Check out our inspo board!

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I didn’t think I’d be able to build the marketplace I’m able to build now in such a short time. The use of TL ensures that my marketplace will have access to a global pool of talent and services which makes it easier to focus on building core features.

Daniel Z. Founder, WorkPod

Why TalentLayer?

go to market in a fraction of the time 🚀

save time & development costs 💸

solve the 🐔 & 🥚 problem with pooled jobs & users

focus on what matters most; your stand-out features 😁

Watch the
integration workshop

Ready to get started building your platform with TalentLayer? Watch the recording of our integration workshop and follow our click-along guide.

Built With Support From...

Composable infrastructure for decentralized social media. Built by the Aave team.


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A European Union research and development grant managed by the NGI Search open data ecosystems fund.


about the NGI grant

The leading decentralized dispute resolution and arbitration protocol.


about the partnership

One of the top research and development organizations in blockchain.


see TalentLayer's grant

A leading incubator program run by Outlier Ventures and Protocol Labs.


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The decentralized, quadratic funding-powered, grants protocol.


see TalentLayer's grant

The decentralized communication protocol; from push noritications to messaging.


about the partnership

talentlayer in the news

January 24, 2023

Developer DAO Congratulates TalentLayer on 3 Grants in 3 Weeks

D_D gave us a shoutout that brought mad reach to TalentLayer this week! We've worked closeley with their Fundraising Department to land these grants.

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