building work tech doesn't have to be hard work.

TalentLayer is an 🌐 open protocol and βš’οΈ developer toolkit for building better hiring platforms.


build on a solid foundation

TalentLayer is an off-the-shelf, open source, composable developer toolkit for building interoperable freelance, gig, and hiring platforms.

advanced tools specialized for work platforms

don’t settle for retrofitting generalized developer tools or spending months building your backend from scratch. use the toolkit designed for work marketplaces.

launch your platform fast with configurable escrow, user-owned identities, jobs and proposals, and more modular components. all open-source. all interoperable. focus on your platform’s iconic UX and stand-out features; let the engine for work marketplaces handle the rest.

escrow and dispute resolution

configurable escrow: from milestone-based to hourly payments. multiple options for dispute resolution.

services & proposals system

rails for work posts, accepting proposals, and job pooling - sharing liquidity across integrated platforms to help more jobs get filled.

universal reviews system

a lightweight user profile and review system tailored to work reputation and composable with other identity solutions

TalentLayer StarterKit

fork-able mobile-first marketplace boilerplate to help you go to market fast.

TalentLayer SDK

a React and Node JS SDK, complete with a UI library.

an ecosystem of platforms
on a shared network

TalentLayer helps platforms increase fulfillment of work posts by pooling users - enabling seamless transactions between users on different platforms. this helps you πŸ§‘ increase user retention, πŸ‘‹ improve user experience, and πŸ’° increase profit


what are people building?

teams from around the world are building hiring tech using TalentLayer. check out a few of them below!

platform image


ai-powered hiring marketplace; get real-time reccomendations, proposal/job post-writing suggestions, and more

platform image


bounty platform for hiring top independent security auditors

platform image


freelance collective management platform

platform image


privacy-centric payroll application

platform image


influencer marketing marketplace

platform image


privacy-centric digital resume builder

platform image


privacy-centric work reputation aggregator

platform image

where's my project?

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TalentLayer for organizations and workers

πŸ‘© find work and hire across an ecosystem of platforms

TalentLayer unites many hiring platforms with one data layer - this means hirers and workers benefit from interoperable user profiles and reviews and creating a bigger hiring pool to help you meet your best fit partners.

  • ⭐ unified reputation means your reviews are visible across all platforms
  • ⭐ manage one account, have your profile and job posts appear in search results across many platforms
  • ⭐ 100% user-owned accounts - never loose your reputation

TalentLayer for platforms

πŸ’ͺ empower your users with interoperable reputation

TalentLayer enables workers and hirers to grow one unified and user-owned reputation across all integrated platforms. this is possible thanks to blockchain technology - work history, reviews, and transactions are stored on-chain at the network level. what does that mean for users? their reputation is owned by them, forever - backed by the blockchain and accessible everywhere.

meet StarterKit

StarterKit is your fastest way to get started building your mobile-first hiring platform.

⭐ ready to use NextJS DAPP

⭐ TalentLayer enabled

⭐ 100% open-source


an open-source ethos

TalentLayer was built by a thriving community of open-source developers. everything we ship is 100% open-source from day 1. are you ready to join our ranks? start contributing today.


proudly funded by...

TalentLayer has been funded by grants from The European Union, Lens Protocol, Filecoin Foundation and others. we've accepted small investments as part of accelerators.


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