infrastructure for
the future of work

the interoperability layer for work

a decentralized backend for talent markets

Functionality to create identities, manage jobs, handle escrow, conduct dispute resolution, and more, all on-chain

one unified work reputation

With the TalentLayer ID system, users own and grow one reputation across all integrated marketplaces and platforms - reputations are owned by users and backed by the protocol

an economy of scale in a box

Tap into TalentLayer’s universal jobs repository and identity system to onboard users and work into marketplaces

filter for functionality

Natively filter the jobs and profiles that show up on marketplaces; task-specialize, topic-specialize, and geo-specialize a marketplace

solving for

Reputations are hard to scale, so we brought in intermediaries.

We have the strongest reputations with people we have worked with directly or with a few degrees of separation. Unfortunately, these sorts of reputations don’t scale beyond Dunbar’s Number.

Intermediaries have helped us scale work reputation. Freelance marketplaces have been the most successful at this. Users write reviews for one another that are tied to a specific work transaction. These reviews are “backed” by people’s trust in the platform.

Today's work reputations in live captivity. It’s part of the business model.

Intermediaries have allowed international work to thrive, but our reputations are owned by the platforms they live on.

By holding reputations captive, platforms make it hard for users to leave.

Today's work reputations can be lost in an instant.

These custodied reputations live and die at the discretion of a third parties. In a single moment, years worth of work history can be erased. Loss of this magnitude is not an edge case.

what if all work we did could be verifiably proven, backed by mutual reviews, and self-custodied?

trustlessly verifytransactions andmutual reviews

separate thereputationfrom theplatform

introducing TalentLayer

self-custodied and interoperable identity system for work

a new economic model for value creation, not extraction

backend infrastructure for a new breed of work platform

open-source, community-owned, uncensorable

integrate the future of work

build next gen work platforms

TalentLayer includes all the core components needed for gig and work platforms; from escrow and dispute resolution, to job post management; all nativly integrated with the TalentLayer Universal Reputation System.

integrate existing platforms

TalentLayer's tech stack is modular - that means platforms can choose to integrate just the the TalentLayer Universal Reputation System, or take advantage of our full work stack.

the TalentLayer tech stack

TalentLayer Universal Reputation System

A universal, self-custodied, transaction-based, work reputation system. The foundation for work sovereignty globally!

view the docs

TalentLayer Universal Jobs System

One unified backend for job posts. Allow a broader range of freelancers to view jobs by allowing the cross-posting of jobs between platforms.

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TalentLayer Escrow and Dispute Resolution

Kleros-based escrow contracts and dispute resolution support for platforms that use the TalentLayer Universal Jobs System.

coming soon

TalentLayer Subgraph

A powerful tool for querying reputation, job, and other data directly from the blockchain. Our subgraph makes data retrieval for display on UIs quick and easy.

explore the subgraph

TalentLayer SDK

A toolbox of backend and UI elements to make it faster than ever to integrate with TalentLayer.

coming soon

TalentLayer Indie

A demo DAPP built on TalentLayer; a fork-able codebase to help job platforms get started integrating.

visit the dapp

A New
Economic Model For Work Platforms

Platforms who onboard a user make money from fees that user pays on any TalentLayer-integrated platform. This referral fee allows users to move freely & platforms to be compensated for onboarding them. This innovation is just one component of TalentLayer's revolutionary new economic model.

whitepaper coming soon

it'sall possiblewith
blockchain technology

Blockchain technology enables us to replace trusted intermediaries with a trustless infrastructure layer; one that’s community-owned, immutable, and impossible to take down. Today, it is possible to scale reputation without intermediaries.

TalentLayer's blockchain-agnostic approach to engineering allows us to provide diverse crypto-native and traditional marketplaces with the tools they need to serve their users.

servingweb 3then the world

projects building on TalentLayer

yubiai market

Yubiai is a crypto-native freelance marketplace that is integrating TalentLayer's reputation system. They are live on Kovan testnet.

Learn more

integrate your marketplace

TalentLayer is actively working with additional gig marketplaces and job platforms to prepare to integrate.

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core contributors

The TalentLayer Core contributors are a scrappy team who believe in a future where all work is sovereign work.

talentlayer talent layer team member kirsten pomales langenbrunner
Executive Lead
talentlayer talent layer team member romain
Smart Contract Lead
talentlayer talent layer team member martin
Smart Contract Contributor
talentlayer talent layer team member emil
Smart Contract Contributor
talentlayer talent layer team member spanish vanish
Graph & Frontend Contributor
talentlayer talent layer team member goncalo perdigao
Ecosystem Lead

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